Holiday Feast bags

Giving to our Community
during the Holidays

NWChurch is a generous group of believers, and every year we focus on helping families in our community.

Part of this initiative includes the provision of Holiday Feasts for families
who might not have the means to purchase them.
As we do so, we also provide them information about how we can serve their needs in other ways.

Select "Holiday Feast from Friends"

An Annual Tradition in a New Season

Every year, our church members rally together to bless families in our community. This takes many forms ... by purchasing groceries for holiday family feasts, by volunteering to pack up the meals or distributing them on the day, and by giving generously to make the whole thing possible.

Not only do we hand out Holiday Feasts, we provide an opportunity for families to tell us how can come alongside them for greater support. We give them information about Northwest Church and our ministries (Children, Students, Celebrate Recovery and Health ministries). We also let them know about the services offered by our partner organization, Lahai Health. We give out Bibles in both English and Spanish, and we pray with people about things that are concerning them.

This year offers a particular challenge in that we want to do this during a season of pandemic. Last year, we gave out 300 Thanksgiving meal boxes and helped to load them into car trunks. Because of COVID, we want to reach even more families this year—up to 350 families—and we've been busy re-imagining how best to bless our community while protecting them and us from any potential spread of this virus. Read on for more information and find out how you can join us!

Holiday Feast Distribution Reimagined

Drive-Thru Distribution

This year, we will be distributing Holiday Feasts and NWChurch ministry information by way of a drive-through process. We'll have various stop-stations where they can register, collect Bibles, offer prayer requests, collect their Holiday Feast bags, and we can share with people about any other information they want or need ... and we can pray with them.

Reusable Bags

Because we want people to remain in their cars as they drive through, we'll be using bags that are easier to load through car windows than larger boxes would be. These bags will be branded with NWChurch information, and can be used throughout the year—reminding families that we love them all year long.

Ways to Shop

You can shop to fill these Holiday Feast bags in two ways:
  1. Shop for groceries yourself by printing out a shopping list, and bringing them to church.
  2. Or, if you don't want to get out to shop because of the pandemic, we can do the shopping for you. Give today, and select "Holiday Feast from Friends."
Scroll down for more details on what to buy, how to get the groceries to us and deadlines.
Pulling all this off requires the willing and able help of many volunteers. We need people to assemble Holiday Feast bags, set up/clean up the parking lot stations, greet and process our guests, distribute Holiday Feast bags, or to pray with them as they drive through. You can also sign up to build relationships with and help our guests develop their English skills. 
If you want to personally shop to provide donated groceries:
  1. Print out a shopping list and take it to the grocery store. The shopping list helps you buy a full meal for one family. If you would like to buy enough for two or more families, multiply those purchases accordingly.  
  2. Deliver your purchased groceries to us at the Community Life Center/NWChurch by Sunday, 11/8. Drop-off hours are Monday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You may also bring your donation on Sundays from 9:30-11:30 a.m.
  3. If you would like a tax-deductible receipt for your donation, attach your receipt to the form and include both with your donated groceries.
  4. NWChurch will add a gift card to your donation that can be redeemed for a turkey or ham at a local supermarket.

If you cannot get out during this pandemic season, we can shop for you, :
You may give toward the purchase of groceries to support one or more families. Click here to give by Sunday, 11/15, select "Holiday Feast from Friends" as your giving option. We'll take care of the rest!

Deadline for groceries delivery: Sunday, November 8  |  Deadline for "Shop for You"  Giving: Sunday, November 15
For more information about how you can help, email Care Pastor Bill Lawrence. Thank you for helping our community during this holiday season.

FriendSpeak | Let's Start Talking with our Community

Are you looking for a way to connect with people and share the love of Jesus well beyond the holidays? One thing we're asking our guests is whether they're interested in partnering up with someone to help them improve their English language skills. If you'd like to be connected with those interested, we can provide an easy-to-follow workbook to guide you. The workbooks are from FriendSpeak—an organization dedicated to helping people build language skills while learning lessons from the Bible. FriendSpeak offers people something they want but have difficulty finding—a friend who will help them practice and improve their conversational English.

Everyone Can Participate. If you love Jesus, can speak English, enjoy people and have an hour a week to volunteer, you can do FriendSpeak! We use a unique tool that makes outreach to our community simple and effective. Sign up today and we'll connect you with a new friend!