Journey of Faith Event - April 4 or 6

Late last year, our Elders began a Capital Campaign effort to retire the debt on this facility ahead of schedule, and free us for future expansion of ministry. After meeting with every Elder, staff member, and several families who were eager to give ... we can tell you what’s been pledged is substantial and inspirational.

And … we are going to keep that number secret for now!

However, we are now ready to invite everyone in the congregation who would like to hear this amazing report to attend one of two dinner banquets on either Thursday, April 4 or Saturday, April 6 at 6:30 p.m.

At the banquet you will:
  • Be given a report on what’s been given/pledged.
  • Be treated to a great evening.
  • Enjoy a great time of fellowship.
  • Learn what you need to know to join in as an informed supporter of the vision and mission of the NWChurch.

These are two, identical events ... designed to fit your schedule, at your convenience. Both members and guests are welcome to attend, and we’d like to fill the room for both events.

Make no mistake. This event is a campaign to raise building funds, so we can finish what we started ... and maximize ministry dollars to reach our community in new ways. REGISTER TODAY!
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